General Information

When:  November 2nd and 3rd

Time: Saturday:  10 AM – 6:00 PM


  • 5 and younger: FREE
  • 6 – 12: $5
  • 13 – 18: $10
  • Adults: $15

This event is a nonprofit 501(c)3 event with net proceeds funding our educational school field trip day and other historical projects.  We thank you for your support!

Tickets:  All admission tickets are purchased at the gate.  There are no advance tickets available.

Parking:  Free handicap parking is available.

Food:  A variety of delicious food and beverages will be available for purchase for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including Old South Barbecue and sasparilla!

What to Bring:  You may bring folding lawn-tailgate chairs or blankets to sit on, covered walking shoes, and cameras.

Where:  Battle of Aiken Park, 1210 Powell Pond Road, just off Interstate 20 at exit 18 (SC Hwy 19), south towards Aiken.  Take a left on Powell Pond Road and follow the signs.  The venue is 45 minutes from Columbia and 20 minutes from Augusta.


  • Audio and video recording for personal use is permitted.  Tripods are permitted on the far left and the right in the spectator area.  No tripods may be set up in ground seating “blanket” areas that may block viewing.
  • No one may cross the spectator line to take photos.
  • This is a public event, and by your attendance, you agree that photographs that might include you and your family are subject to use by the event and its hosts.
  • Photography and video for commercial use require written battle staff permission.  Contact: BOA, PO Box 1863, Aiken SC  29802.


  • No pets.  Cannon blasts can stress pets.
  • No Coolers.
  • No bicycles.
  • No open carry.
  • No drones unless pre-approved by the Event Staff.
  • No one is permitted past the spectator lines during presentations.  Please monitor all children.
  • Please restrain children from running at the park.
  • Please follow CDC COVID-19 guidelines for outdoor events.
  • No solicitation or selling of goods will be allowed unless pre-approved by Event Staff.
  • No strollers, which can block viewing are permitted in the ground “blanket” seated area.  Stationary strollers are permitted in the lawn chair area during presentations.
  • Umbrellas must be lowered during presentations.